Rent safely, travel with confidence

You host your vehicle

You provide the unique service and host your vehicle
You take control over coverage

With our insurance company suggestions we provide variety of choices for your insurance coverage. We do recommend that you have a full insurance coverage for your vehicles and your passengers in order to provide the best customer service for all travelers.

You screen your customers

We do recommend every one to screen their customers, even customers to screen their hosts. Be consistent: screen every one which means safer ride and service.

We are here for your needs

Our customer support team is always here for your concerns. You can make one click, choose customer support option and contact us immediately.

Rent the perfect vehicle

Tricks - Tips

Review each profile of each traveler and car owner slow and careful. We believe in a safe with trust marketplace, that is why we do reccomend you to connect with people that you feel confident to meet in person.

We do reccomend every one to leave their Voice and Rate for travelers and owners after each service. That way every one will help each other to be informed and to make their decisions whenever they travel or rent out their vehicles.

We do reccomend that you never post your phone number, address, e_mail, VIN# and other important information online under description field. We keep your information private as much as possible. Your name and if you have picture will be provided on each of your listings. Your number and e_mail information will be provided after each person is regestered with Autotrent and wants to review and reserve your vehicle or services. You are the person who will provide locations and other important information to your customers or hosts.

Anyone who does not respect our member or members services will be suspended or removed from Autotrent platform.

Rent the perfect vehicle for you