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First Log in to our system. You can Log in 3 different ways:
Register with Autotrent, Google and even with your Facebook account to make it easier and faster.

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Choose List your vehicle button at the top right side. Next fill out all the needed information. Submit and start making money.

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After you pay for your listing, current vehicle will be accessible for renting to everyone around the world.

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How everything works

In order to list your vehicle and let it work for you, you do have to Sign Up in to our data base. Sign Up proccess is free for everyone to get access right away.

To list your vehicle is simple and easy just with few steps. Follow all the instructions and you can let your vehicle working for you in mater of seconds.

You are responsible for the following: Customer Service, Clean Vehicle, Necessary Insurance Coverages, Rental contract between you and the customer, Tickets, Vehicle Maintenance, Your own price, Your Customers.
Anyone who does not respect our member or members services will be suspended or removed from our platform. No DESCRIMINATION ever.

You are responsible to make your payment to us in order for your vehicle, vehicles or services to be listed in our platform. You are responsible to pay your own taxes in your own country. We will not take any of your own responsibilities.

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