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How to list your vehicle(s)
Log in

First Log in to our system. You can Log in 3 different ways:
Register with Autotrent, Google and even with your Facebook account to make it easier and faster.

List your vehicle

Choose List your vehicle button at the top right side. Next, fill out all the needed information. Submit and start making money.

Be visible

After every listing is payment is processed it will be posted and visible to millions of travelers around the world.

Meet and greet

After you receive a call or e-mail from your customer, you have to coordinate as soon as possible to make the connection and make the arrangements. Meet and greet your customer, then check their ID, passport, driving license, sign a rental contract, notice kilometers or millage, fuel, vehicle cleanliness, vehicle condition, provide the ride or send your customer on their trip.


Earn trips from millions of travelers around the world and keep the full amount from renting. No extra commission to Autotrent.

How to rent a vehicle(s)

Choose your location from any of the search bars. You'll see a list of cities, choose the one you are going to. Search our host's inventory.


Look all results, choose the one you like. Go over the description of the vehicle or service that you are about to choose.

Log in

First Log in to our system. You can Log in 3 different ways:
Register with Autotrent, Google and even with your Facebook account to make it easier and faster.

Contact host

After you are logged in to our platform click the reserve button under the listing host profile. Contact your host to schedule your vehicle or services. With 24/7 availability, reserve the ride that you need.

Meet and greet

When it is time to meet and greet. Make sure that you host matched their description of the vehicle or services.


Arrange the payment with your host. Payments are processed directly with the host of the vehicle or services. When everything is set and ready to go, you are ready to hit forward to your trip.

Rate Host and Customer

After your ride is complete, please provide your rating, in order to easily help all host's and customers decisions.

Rate Us

Rating will help Autotrent to satisfy you faster and easier in all times when renting or host vehicle with Autotrent.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I rent vehicles and services?
Just in 4 simple steps:
Choose the right vehicle or service
Log in
Contact your host
Rent the perfect one

How do I pay for my rental services?
Make a perfect choice, contact your host than arrange payment directly with your host.

Who collects the payment?
Your host will collect all payments.

What are the requirements?
All requirements vary on every host decisions.

Can I rent vehicles with a driver?
Yes, you can.

How do I make money with my vehicle and services?
Few simple steps:
Log in, List, Make payment for your listing, receive customers from anywhere around the globe.

How do I collect my payments?
You will collect your payments directly from your customers.

What are my responsibilities?
Your responsibilities are the following:
Collect your payments from your customer(s), provide excellent customer service, necessary insurance coverages, vehicle maintenance, government tax payments in your own country, a rental contract, etc.

Can I list my vehicle with a driver?
Yes, you can.

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